World Class K-9 Training Solutions

For many years we sold our dogs exclusively to Law Enforcement departments, however most recently we have turned our focus to the private sector for two reasons. first, we train our dogs in the harshest live theater of gun fire, smoke, black outs, extreme violence, and chaos.

Here is an overview of what our dogs are currently being trained for:

  • Family Protection Dogs - High Profile Business Executives, kidnappings, home invasions, car hijackings
  • Police - General Purpose Service Dogs/Man Tracking/Drug detection/Criminal apprehension
  • Military - Explosives Detection Dogs (vehicles, persons or buildings)
  • Mining Industry - Dogs used to find natural minerals such as oil, iron ore, missing miners.
  • Gas/Oil industry - Dogs used to detect vapor leaks
  • Corrections and Prison facilities - cell phone detection, crowd control
  • Private Security - vapor wake Dogs for large events/venues, anti-terrorist threats, major sporting/political events
  • Mental Health - PTSD and Therapy Dogs
  • K-9 Search and Rescue - Find missing children

The following are some high lights of what our current dogs are trained in, these are personal Protection Dogs:

  • Fully trained in obedience on/off leash including hand signals when communicating by voice is not possible.
  • Trained to protect against violent attackers including multiple assailants.
  • The dogs are temperament tested and are good with women and children.
  • Dogs are trained to search and sweep home before residence enter.
  • Trained to protect the vehicle from inside
  • Dog may be deployed from inside vehicle to capture criminal.
  • Dogs are fully trained to track and apprehend. This role may be reversed to track and find missing family member.
  • Dogs are tested under extreme conditions, including but not limited to gun fire, smoke, fire, violence, chaos, black outs, swimming pools, ponds.
  • Exposed and trained in public settings, commercial buildings, vehicles, other animals, machinery.
  • Our Team is made up of current and retired North American Police Officers.
  • All dogs are fully vaccinated, and vet checked at time of delivery.
  • We have a discreet training facility in North America.
  • Some of the dogs trained for personal protection are also specially selected for finding handguns including black powder, smokeless powder, spent casings, bullet shells, carbine, and metal.

Our partner’s facility is located on a 15-acre training facility in North America, and have the capacity to train dog handlers, sell or lease our dogs/services.

All our K-9 handlers have extensive K-9 experience and are either current or retired Law Enforcement Officers.