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Weapon Trackr™ incorporates a deep understanding of military, police and security operations, and how to improve performance through best-practices, modern software, tracking and security technologies. Trackr™ seamlessly integrates with your backend databases and applications, with bi-directional data interchange. Proven success.  Turn-key implementations.  Comprehensive training.  Rigorous ongoing support.  Your success is our only objective. Click the button below to arrange a free consultation.

1. COMPUTERIZED WEAPON REGISTRY: All weapons, gear and ammo are labeled with barcode or RFID tags to enable tracking, inventories and security. • Registers all weapons, gear and ammo • Manages tasks including weapon cleanings, inspections, test firings etc. • Manages personnel authentication, ID cards, weapon assignments, weapon certifications and ARM/DO NOT ARM status.

2. PERSONNEL AUTHENTICATION: Authenticate personnel with fingerprint, PIN #, ID card or software • Determine weapon assignments • Verify weapon certifications • Confirm post requirements • Check ARM / DO NOT ARM status.

3. AUTOMATED ISSUES AND RETURNS: Rapid and accurate tracking of weapons, gear and ammo with RFID, barcodes & software. Weapons are passively tracked when passed through the window or using computer within the armory: RFID antennas on shelf, below shelf or around sides and top of window automatically track weapon, gear and ammo Issues and Returns or are tracked using USB RFID/barcode scanner at windows, doors and armory computers

4. VALIDATE TRANSFER-OF-CUSTODY: Validate transfer-of-custody with electronic signature pad, fingerprint scanner, PIN # entry or software: • Photo and/or data displays on external monitor or electronic signature pad • Signature or Pin # saves to Weapon Trackr™ in audit trail records and database showing chain-of-custody.

5. FAST, ACCURATE INVENTORIES: Weapon Trackr™ supports the use of mobile RFID scanners to rapidly inventory armories after shift changeovers: • Scanner detects all RFID-tagged weapons, gear and magazines. • Scanner supports barcode scanning of any barcoded weapons, gear or magazines • Scanner FINDS missing items similar to a Geiger counter.

6. RFID SECURITY ON DOORWAYS: Detect weapons and personnel approaching exits real-time: • When weapon is detected, Weapon Trackr™ validates if the weapon is authorized for removal by the Officer. • Unauthorized movements trigger alarm, lights, camera and can also automatically lock doors • Triggers software, SMS text and email alerts.

7. GSM / GPS WEAPON TRACKING: Weapons can be tagged with GSM / GPS tags inserted into weapon grips that track weapons real-time, globally: • Weapon locations display on GSM maps and GPS imagery • Auto-alerts via software, text message and email if weapon is separated from officer-of-custody or weapon is fired • Weapon Trackr™ maintains history of weapon movements