The Evolution of in-car Video Systems

We are committed to providing law enforcement and security agencies with the highest quality technology to assist in capturing digital evidence. As the innovation leader in the industry,  

A revolutionary in-car system that delivers versatility and reliability for your department or fleet. With built-in, patented auto-activation technology, EVO HD captures multiple recording angles in sync from both a FirstVu HD body - worn camera and in - car camera – all from a single trigger. The EVO HD maximizes space and offers top-end reliability – paired with remote service capabilities.


  • Built-in Patented VuLink® Auto-Activation*
  • Up to 4 HD Cameras
  • Microphone (Body Camera or Wireless Mic)
  • Near Real-Time Mapping & Geofencing
  • Dispatch Activation
  • Simultaneous Audio and Video Playback of Body Camera and In-Car Camera
  • 128GB Internal Storage
  • Controlled through MDT, Tablet, or available Monitor
  • Remote Diagnostics and Firmware Updates
  • Flexible Cloud and Hybrid Storage Solutions
  • Cloud Service Powered by Amazon Web Services