Tactical Night Vision & Thermal Imaging

Peak Tactical Night Vision equipment including submersible bodies has been selected on merit by elite Australian counterterrorist forces in competition with global alternatives, as well as being exported to elite forces worldwide.

Our products are currently engaged in several conflicts and repeat orders ensure we retain this body of knowledge within our company. Operational feedback means we remain at the cutting edge of drivers such as the tactics to minimize operator disclosure when using NVD/NVG’s and thermal equipment.

We are a Defence - compliant organization. All orders are evaluated and approved by the Australian Department of Defence, Canberra, usually within 20 working days.

Once a client is approved, there are no export limits on even the highest performance end of our tubes or specialized technology. We supply Auto gated and White Phosphor II equipment to approved users within the same 20 day approval cycle. This compares most favorably with the DSP- 83 etc. processes.

We provide full technical support, servicing and repairs to not just our own products but also competitor’s products sent to us by offshore governments. This includes Mid-life upgrades of older platforms. 

We possess an excellent R&D capability and develop surveillance and other tactical solutions to meet special mission requirements.