Tactical Breaching Solutions

World Leading Tactical Breaching Solutions incorporates innovative technologies based on light materials, allowing one operator to obtain powerful set of tools that can break into any structure in top speed.        

We believe that Fast Response, Mobility and Multi-functional capabilities are major elements that enable the defense and rescue forces to perform their tasks in maximum capability, therefore, we continue to develop, manufacture and design lighter and more compact kits to meet optimal operational requirements.

Additional challenge is to identify and customize our tactical breaching gear in order to suit the needs of our customers, that is why we work separately with the Police & HLS units, Fire Fighters& Rescue teams, Military & Special forces and make the right adaptation to make the perfect fit, while also offering them training courses and reusable training aids we have developed in order to train them for every potential scenario.

As our solution was created by breachers for breachers, we know from our broad operational experiences that our tactical breaching solution can be a big upgrade for the Police & HLS units, Fire fighters & Rescue teams, Military & Special Forces in Multi-functionally, Weight, Design and Speed.

  • Tactical Breaching Tools
  • Training Courses
  • Training Aids
  • Designed Backpacks
  • Power Units