Smart City Platform Knowledge Database

We are focused on building Smart Government, Safe Cities and all improvement of campuses with help of video analytics and our AI technology has recently been named #1 Ethical AI Platform for Government, Law Enforcement & Public Safety.

IREX connects to any surveillance camera at an unlimited scale, including existing infrastructure & provides real-time alerts through AI such as; Ethical Suspect Identification, Vehicle Analytics, Weapon Detection & more than 20 other AI modules.

A video-based cloud service to empower city governments, public safety organizations, transportation authorities, and service providers with an Ethical AI and Big Data platform.

Get notified about weapons, vandalism, unattended items, safety violations, and crowd-related dangers from CCTV cameras.

Engineered for Ethics User-hosted in a Private Cloud Carrier-Grade Platform for Unlimited Users Secure Collaboration in Messengers.

Threat Detection 

  • Weapon Detection 
  • People Falling or Laying 
  • Dangerous Crowd Density 
  • Intrusion Detection 
  • Early Fire Detection 
  • Unattended Items 
  • Glass Breaking, Screams, Noise (Audio Analytics) 
  • People on Rail Tracks 

People Analytics 

  • Suspect Recognition 
  • Missing People 
  • Suspect Tracking 
  • Foot Traffic & Demographics: Gender, Age, Skin color 
  • Face Features: Masks, Glasses, Beard 

Vehicle Analytics 

  • Traffic Jams and Accidents 
  • Number Plate Recognition 
  • Vehicle Appearance (type, color, make, model) 
  • Driving Violations 
  • Parking Management 
  • Tunnel Safety 
  • Wrong Way Driving