Shooting Ranges & Simulators Systems

Leader in indoor & outdoor shooting range noise control and acoustics, offers the world’s highest acoustic rating and the shooting range industry’s only guaranteed solution at a competitive per square foot price.

Basic requirements must be met: Whether you are building a commercial range, law enforcement facility or military range you must consider some of the same basic safety elements. Most of them have to do with compliance whether it is OSHA, local noise ordinances, your Fire Marshal’s concerns (NFPA 286) or meeting a military specification such as the RT60 in the USAF ETL or the US Army Corps of Engineers noise performance criteria.

  • Meets OSHA guidelines for CFR29 noise exposure limits and the US Air Force ETL
  • Guarantees a 1.25 reverberation time (RT60)
  • UL approved with Smoke developed ZERO (0) and Flame spread ZERO (0)
  • Meets NFPA286 requirements
  • Certified for anti-ricochet and anti-splatter properties by United States Air Force
  • Absorbs 95% of all muzzle blast energy, at all frequencies
  • Density: Troy Soundboard™ has a minimum density of not less than 2-pounds per square-foot per 1-inch
  • Density: Troy Wool™ has a nominal density of no less than 2.5 pounds per cubic foot (if this is per cubic foot should be spelled out)