Multifunction Riot Shield Spitting Cobra

The Spitting Cobra® Multi-function Shield is an efficient, non-lethal anti-riot system. The shield has been specifically designed to increase the protection of the operating officer. Its innovative combination of features enables both special offensive and defensive functions. The Spitting Cobra® Multi-function Shield is indispensable for order reinstatement and crowd control. Our R&D department has selected the most innovative and high-quality materials in order to guarantee reliability and long term use.

Two types of MMC shields are available: a transparent polycarbonate material and a bulletproof version rated at NIJ IIIA ballistic protection level. The polycarbonate shield is made of Lexan polycarbonate successfully tested many times in riot situations. The bulletproof shield  is made of Kevlar® (aramid compound), a well-known and respected anti-ballistic material.

The shields can be configured with up to six (6) stand - alone components: (plate, handle, laser pointer, spitting system and electro-shock strips) with an alarm - siren allowing for total customization according to buyer specifications, including shield sizes.