Lightweight, Moveable & Modular Vehicle Barrier

Lightweight, moveable and modular vehicle barrier designed to help non-fatal stopping of intruding vehicles – for deployment in combat zones, camps, installations as well as for civilian uses.

We develop, plans and constructs a wide range of defensive products, anti-terror protection, threat protection, fortifications, natural disasters and project management solutions.

Our products combine protective, mechanical and civil engineering with an emphasis placed on portability, modularity and simple erection and operation.

Specializes in smart designs, adapted to the client’s needs, field and local conditions, unique demands and requirements and cost-effective construction that allows for minimum maintenance costs.

Development and design of technologies to protect critical infrastructures (new or existing) and border protection.

Provision of universal, mobile solutions for physical protection, humanitarian work, military bodies and other large bodies.

Features of the Systems

  • Physical vehicle barrier to help block trucks and prevent unauthorized vehicles entry
  • Patented technology transfers momentum of vehicle to the ground
  • Flexible length – individual barrier units fit together to suit varying vehicle and road sizes
  • Most effective use on rough terrain and gravel
  • Optional added protection via ground anchors
  • Safety lightings and signs
  • Basic color: Yellow – adaptable as per client request
  • Assembly team: 1 person