Intermat Stealth - Anti-Detection & Anti-Targeting Technology

We provide an anti-detection & anti-targeting technology that protects against threats like EO/IR weapon systems and missiles. By the term “anti-thermal” is defined the minimization or zeroizing the thermal signature of a military asset (vehicle, weapon systems, howitzers, tanks etc.,) and critical infrastructure (hangars, runways, command centers, power plants, etc.) or personnel . This feature increases friendly assets and personnel survivability as they pass unnoticed by enemy’s thermal imagers and sensors as well as heat seeking warheads and missiles. We manage to break the “lock-on” by enemy’s heat-seeking missiles and hence our product is a passive force multiplier for friendly forces.

Product Description


Stealth coatings: an anti-missile shield; Several types of certain missiles, including cruise types, are equipped with infrared homing seekers and devices. Passive homing missiles rely on strong contrast changes to track. Anti-thermal coatings can render them unable to 'lock on'. Intermat has developed a unique and unmatched technology of anti-thermal coatings for wide use, to protect your strategic infrastructure from missile threats, effectively, affordably, reliably and, above all, always armed against missile threat.

They can be applied on any surface including metallic, alkaline/cement and plastic. It is a permanent countermeasure, suitable for command centres, headquarters, bunkers, oil tanks, airstrips and of course on force multipliers, armored or tracked vehicles, multiple launchers, howitzers and weapon systems.

Ghllies & Sniper Suits

The camouflage solution of Intermat can be also used for Sniper and Ghillie suits. Special forces operatives deserve their own thermal countermeasure; consequently Intermat suits are treated with the anti-thermal coatings.

The soldiers are protected throughout the wide IR spectrum, and the detection of a soldier is very much reduced (depending on the environmental conditions). The fabric is breathable with reduced stiffness while various types and camouflage patterns can be produced. Fabric weight can be as light as 60gsm and can be as effective as other much heavier systems since the amount of “insulation” is not achieved through thick and heavy materials .

“Chameleon’s Skin”©

This product comes in the form of a decal (a self-adhesive plastic tape) in dimensions 30 cm by 50 cm. The user/operator just have to “stick” the product on the vehicle and is ready to go. No need for any paint or other complicated procedure.

Once sticked, “Chameleon’s Skin” provides 24/7 visual and most important thermal camouflage (the anti-thermal feature I mentioned before).

This product is perfect for peacekeeping operations as most Armies deploy for short period (3-to 6 months) their vehicles in a foreign environment (for example Indonesia utilizes jungle camo but might deploy into desert). With our product, soldiers just have to “stick” Chameleon’s Skin and are ready to deploy. Once they come back they just have (if it is needed) to remove and the vehicle simply returns to original coloring.