Innovative Shelters & Ground Breaking Fold-out Technology

In a world of constant change and unavoidable challenges, our medical facilities are designed to bring unmatched operational speed and flexibility to any healthcare need in any location. With our system of interchangeable healthcare shelters, containing everything required for world class patient care, you’ll be ready to deploy “fit for purpose” medical shelters to any situation and quickly adjust to any changing medical need.

Our fold-out shelters are produced by Elite Aluminum Corporation, a leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of structural insulated panels. Our longstanding commitment to research and development allows us to continually find new and better technologies to advance the industry.

Our portable buildings shelters are one example of our track record for bringing remarkable technologies to a wide variety of markets.

We share an extreme passion for improving and saving lives. We do so by providing the most reliable, time saving medical infrastructure ever developed to bring care to those that need it most. Whether in a remote location or caught in a disaster, proven experience and preparation are vital during traumatic events to solve the greatest threat to saving lives in these situations the lack of quick and comprehensive remote medical facilities.