High Density Weapon Storage Systems

COMBAT WEAPON STORAGE SYSTEMS™ are manufactured and distributed exclusively by MTM Business Systems.

Specializing in the design and implementation of high density weapon storage systems,  our goal is to deliver a turnkey  armory solution, giving full modularity to arms rooms.

Combat  Weapon Storage Systems stores the following systems, all rifles and pistols, crew serve weapons, machine guns, mortars, and associated gear, optics, spare barrels and spare barrel bags. Our universally adjustable accessories allow end users to reconfigure systems in seconds and store weapons with scopes and optics attached to the weapon without additional rack accessories, allowing optics to stay zeroed and saving valuable time to the war fighter.

In addition to the weapon storage product, we also offer full RFID & bar code weapon management software and hardware to inventory weapons and gear as well as track weapon maintenance. The software has capability to track individual items, end user activity within the software and people weapons and gear are checked out to. 

We have successfully implemented our weapon tracking package with RFID for the United States Air Force Security Forces Squadron and within the last week received a contract from the Royal Bermuda Regiment, which will be implemented in phases over the next several months.