Bullet Resistance & Stab Protection

An internationally recognized leading producer of body armors and market leader in the supply of body armors, ballistic and non-ballistic helmets, hard armor plates, riot control gear and other protective products.

We produced highly specialized garments and armor solutions for police, law enforcement, security and military applications, with the emphasis on lightweight, comfort and flexibility which allow the wearers to do their job to full capacity. They can be worn with confidence – and at the vital moment – they are effective.

We can develop your products based on your wish, starting from the primary specifications over the Procurement of suitable materials up to the final product. We may modify the offered catalogue products to your

Specifications and requirements. We would like to satisfy our customers by offering top quality, swift action, good price Quotation and provision of service, testing, warranty and post-warranty repairs.

Our products are manufactured from high-quality materials supplied from EU-countries only that have been Attested and certified.