Articulating Rapid Entry Systems

The ARES reaches higher, delivers more personnel, and lifts greater loads than any other elevated tactics system in the world.  Only the ARES reaches 28 feet (8.5 meters), directly, without the use of  ladders. No other system even comes close. The ARES’ wide stairway and fully adjustable Swing dock top platform offer unparalleled versatility, giving users the greatest operational flexibility and capability.


  • Elevated Perspective
  • Rapid Rescue Insertion Structure
  • High Angle Rescue
  • Perimeter Breach
  • Emergency Egress

Operational Scenarios:

  • Scenario # 1: Aircraft Hijacking
  • Scenario # 2: High-Angle Rescue
  • Scenario # 3: Residential Firefighting Rescue
  • Scenario # 4: Secured Perimeter Breach
  • Scenario # 5: Warrant Execution