Waste Management

Tires recycling plant

Our Tire Recycling Plant is designed to make the recycling of the tires with high speed and without any practical problems. In addition to car tires, truck, work machine and agricultural machine tires can be also recycled.

The scrap tires by their wires are taken off are put on conveying bands and directed to pre-shredding. The tires which are shredded at the pre-shredding machine are passed from various shredders and their dimensions are minimized and after this process rubber granules at desired dimensions are obtained.

Also depending on the demand at the end track of the line we manufacture machines which can obtain granule powder. Our tire recycling line is with two different types, one is fully automated and the other semi-automated. We have various production capacities according to the customer’s demand.

Plastic recycling plant

We have the expertise and experience to offer specific components or a turnkey solution.

We supply all required conveying, separation, sorting, classification and screening equipment.

With our in-house electrical and software engineers .we come to offer you a turn-key processing solutions suitable for your needs.

Contacting us at an early stage will result in a most favorable design that combines techniques and your knowledge of products and processes.