Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is one of the hottest industries amid excellent growth prospects, driven by the world’s shifting focus towards green energy, climate-friendly and cost-effective technologies. Data from U.S. Energy Information suggests that electricity generation from renewable energy in 2021 will increase to 21% in 2021 from 20% in 2020. According to Deloitte, as of December 2020, the share of renewables surpassed that of coal in power generation for 153 days compared with 39 days in 2019. 

Renewable energy is gaining support worldwide, driven by the Paris agreement and realization by governments that adapting renewable energy is sustainable and cost effective. Industries are also ditching conventional energy means in the favor of renewable energy. From 2016 to 2019, coal-fired electricity generation plummeted 22%, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration, despite President Trump’s efforts to revive coal in the country.

Energy's biggest consumers include the residential sector, transportation sector, industrial sector, and commercial sector. For decades these sectors relied on non-renewable energy, which is created by burning fossil fuels, including petroleum, hydrocarbon gas liquids, natural gas, and coal. They are termed as non-renewable energy sources because they cannot be naturally renewed. Fossil fuels take millions of years to form through decomposition of plankton and plants underground. Nearly 15 billion metric tons of fossil fuels are consumed each year.


Our consultation process for Contracting begins with listening to you and your envisioned concept for your custom needs and how it will fit into your project and your strategic vision. We will provide several options from which you may find inspiration for your custom design project. Feel free to bring along any drawings, which you feel will help get your design idea across. Also, any notes about any specific features, finishes, or functionality that is needed.

We are flexible and will work with your schedule for consultation, including evenings and weekends and holidays. Call us to set up an appointment. Here's what we'll talk about:

  • Your ideas
  • The design
  • What you want
  • What you don't want
  • The materials (pros, cons, and tradeoffs)
  • The construction methods
  • The finishes
  • Any potential challenges
  • and ballpark costs


Next, we begin to flesh out your custom concept. We research any design, style or construction element needed for the project and create a working sketch. We are very versatile and can work with many concepts on international standards. You won't hear us say "we can't do that". We like a challenge and take pride in doing what other people say "can't be done".

Once the concept is done, we review it with you to get your feedback or refinements.

CAD Design

We create a full drawing, showing all the significant details which we review with you for your approval.

We also select components with specifications for the project. A detailed list of materials is needed to accurately quote on your custom request.

Quote / Contract

We provide a detailed quote and a contract that details the work to be done. Usually, A 50% deposit is required with a signed contract to begin work. We confirm all materials to be used in construction as well as schedule and delivery.


Details matter and make the difference between creating merely good deliverables that will outlast its owner. We choose only the best fabrication methods and top of the line finishes so you will have years of low maintenance, worry-free beauty.

All fabrication, finishing and assembly are done at our manufacturing.


Delivery & Installation. Your project is delivered and installed as expected, ready for operation.