Aerospace & Defence

High Mark work with defense enterprises and government defense organizations to tackle their most complex and mission-critical challenges while delivering unmatched returns on investment. Known for its distinctive passion for doing innovative client work. 

We focus our resources and drive excellence in all we do too. We bring the right mix of experience and skills to address the unique challenges of each situation. We help develop and execute client-specific strategies to achieve immediate impact, competitive advantage. We provide solutions and services that include but not limited to, projects and programs developments and management, procurement of equipment, border and air surveillance systems, IT systems, C4I  systems, weapon systems and ammunition,  land and air equipment and assets maintenance and spares parts.

We also provide advice to help define requirements, develop the specifications and assess equipment to meet the required standards in safety and performance. We can offer, logistics and maintenance solutions, training solutions, etc.

Reforming and transforming organizations to meet evolving missions

The changing nature of national security threats, relentless budget pressures, the need to accelerate the introduction of new technologies, and the challenge to attract and retain new talent are putting pressure on defense organizations to embrace reforms and transformation. Present organizational structures and processes are often ill-equipped to meet today’s challenges. Our organization employs effectiveness and expertise, through a highly collaborative working style to help our clients create sustainable high-performing organizations to better enable key missions. Tactics are designed for each specific situation, but frequently include streamlining accountability, improving performance management and metrics, accelerating speed to decisions, improving talent management processes, and reducing excessive overheads. Our talent management approach comprehends the organizational challenges while bringing fresh perspectives to enable change and improve organizational performance.